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Annette (Lucido) Bignami travels started early and she has been to North, Central and South America, Europe and the Pacific. With 24 years experience as a professional photographer, she's had photos published in offshore and US markets and, while a member, won a major photo award from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. She's taught Italian, French and Chinese cooking at the college level, appeared on TV and radio and co-authored the best selling Dressing and Cooking Wild Game, America's Favorite Wild Game Recipes and several other cookbooks.

She has had several hundred articles published in magazines over the years as well as weekly columns on travel and cooking articles for California newspapers. 

She lives in Moscow,Idaho with her husband Louis. Annette has been a member of the United States Ski Writer's Association and the Outdoor Writers of America, and is a currently a  member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writer's Association.

The Generic Gourmet Fish Cookbook -- by Annette Bignami
110 of the finest fish and shellfish recipes in the world.

Just Wild Ducks (co-author with Louis Bignami)
25 top recipes for ducks

Just Pheasants (co-author with Louis Bignami)
25 pheasant recipes

The Ultimate Game and Fish Cookbook  110 years of Great Sports Afield Recipes 
           (co-author with Louis Bignami  - several recipes)
Dressing and Cooking Wild Game (co-author)

America Favorite Wild Game Recipes (co-author)