Learn Spanish - "a grasp of the local language can have a massive influence on your enjoyment of the trip."

by Claudia Bachman

Wherever you wish to visit, a grasp of the local language can have a massive influence on your enjoyment of the trip. Even in luxury destinations you will be treated with greater respect by staff and locals if you have the basics of their language. For much of the world, this means having a basic understanding of Spanish.

Spanish is spoken in Andorra, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, the USA and Venezuela. It is no wonder so many people choose to learn Spanish in Spain each year. Learning Spanish in Spain offers a fantastic opportunity to get stuck in to the Latin lifestyle and prepare yourself for the syllable-timed rhythms of the language. Unlike English, in which emphasis is placed by disrupting the flow of a sentence, every syllable in Spanish is given the same amount of time in a sentence.

It is important to grasp the basics of a foreign language, particularly if you are traveling for work. Wedding photographers, for example, cannot function properly without being able to communicate with guests. It would be a disaster if a wedding was ruined by the photographer's lack of linguistic ability. Spanish lessons in Spain can be very enjoyable if you choose a school carefully. Some schools focus towards teaching the foundations of grammar and working up from there, while some schools emphasize learning through play. If you prefer a more traditional approach to language training, you should look for a school which focuses on classroom exercises. There are special Spanish classes for adults which err in this direction.

One great destination to learn Spanish in Spain is Seville. For Spanish classes Seville is a great destination because of the vibrant cultural life, beautiful historical structures and great selection of language schools. The city is an explosion of color and contrast; a unique mix of the modern and traditional. Seville offers a wide range of cultural variety to cater for all tastes throughout the year: Flamenco, Semana Santa (Holy Week), The April Fair and the lively atmosphere in the streets due to the wonderfully open and friendly nature of the people. Spanish classes in Seville are a fantastic way to make friends in the city as language schools bring together visitors and new residents from around the world.

Classes to learn Spanish in Spain offer a great opportunity to explore and learn at the same time. Another great city to learn Spanish in is Madrid: Spain's headiest city, where the partying continues long into the night. The passion of the people is matched only by the passion of the place itself. If Spanish lessons in Seville aren't for you, something will certainly turn up in Madrid. There are a number of intensive Spanish courses in Spain, but many students consider Madrid's among the finest. Wherever you end up, there is little doubt that learning a little Spanish is a great idea for regular travelers.