London' Treasures and Treasure Hunters  Much treasure ended in London by Annette Bignami

A Spy's London by Roy Berkeley 21 walks keyed to underground (what else?) stations lead you to the buildings used by spies from James Bond to real Soviet moles by Eleanor Cleek
London Cloak and Dagger Real spies and literary inventions lived in London. There's a book which shows you where they lived, worked and passed their information to contacts by Jeremy Quist
London Theatre, Drama at its Best No city equals London for theatre by Louis Bignami
Welsh Pubs Pubs are drinking establishments which don't have sleeping quarters. by Joel Vance
Pony Trekking in Wales Ride a gentle Welsh Cob over green hills and you capture Wales at its best by Joel M. Vance
Battle of Britain Museum: Croyden Airdrome, England Remembrance of heroes by Brian Vandegrift.

A  Yankee Look At English Driving You can take the boy out of Missouri. Just don't make him drive on the wrong side of the road by Joel M. Vance