Mexico Timeshare in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

Before buying Cabo timeshare, or other timeshare in Mexico, learn about the particular features of the area to discover whether or not a Mexico timeshare is right for you.

Los Cabos refers to the area between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, a famous Mexico vacation spot. It covers the tip of the Baja Peninsula, south of California and east of "mainland" Mexico. It is Mexican territory and is considered by most to be a tropical desert paradise. Invaded briefly by the Conquistadors back in the 1500s, Los Cabos was not successfully colonized until the 1940s and '50s when Bing Crosby, Phil Harris, Desi Arnaz, and John Wayne heard about the isolated and therefore private, pristine fishing waters and beaches in Los Cabos. In about 1948, they jointly built Hotel Las Cruces on the East Cape. Their prominence in combination with the exclusive and stunning location brought more visitors, more hotels and subsequently a thriving golf, diving, yachting, gourmet dining, shopping and bustling nightlife.

From its originally very low-key, humble origins, the population of Cabo San Lucas has grown to about 40,000 people. On top of that, tourists flock here to fish and play. Cabo San Lucas hosts the world's largest Marlin tournament, with a $1,000,000 jackpot. It is also the port of call for many cruise ships. During the winter months, whales bear their calves in the balmy Pacific waters. There is a famous landmark, El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, which you have probably seen in tourism photographs, if not in person. It is a stunning rock formation rising from the sea and known for the amazing skyscapes seen around and through it.

Cabo San Lucas has a wild party nightlife with casual, laid-back days; San Jose has a more low-key, structured style. Twenty miles of gorgeous white sand beaches studded with craggy coves, exclusive hotels and gated residential communities and resorts creates a pearl necklace between the two towns. These are some of Latin America's finest resorts.

Cabo San Lucas is home to a large beautiful marina where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet. Once falsely rumored to hold pearls and gold in abundance, the rumor which tantalized the Conquistadors, the area now is famous for its long sandy beach, swimming, watersports, fun beachside restaurants and beautiful views. It is a popular Spring Break destination and, true to its 20th century beginnings, a hideaway for the rich and famous.

San Jose del Cabo, northeast of Cabo San Lucas, was founded as a mission for the Spanish Empire back in 1730. The idea was to tame the natives. It didn't work. But classical Mexican style still flavors the town, and of course the downtown is upheld by the pillars of historical architecture, courtyard restaurants, art galleries and boutiques centered around the main square and colonial church. Live Latin entertainment, sophisticated wine bars and gourmet dining throw in the heat, making things just a little caliente in an otherwise traditional, family-style town. However, the best surfing in the Cabos is here, graced by a palm-lined estuary with top-notch bird watching, a sea turtle nursery and hiking in the Laguna mountains.

With the beautiful scenery, luxurious accommodations and service, food, outdoor adventure and spectacularly sunny warm weather, the Cabos have also become a popular wedding destination.

The Cabos are sure to remain a destination of choice and an excellent real estate investment. What the Conquistadors couldn't steal, the Americans capitalized on, bringing business and fun to a gorgeous landscape.

For those considering regular vacations in this area, a Los Cabos timeshare could be an excellent choice. Remember that timeshares are best suited for those who can get away every year. For those who don't wish to commit to timeshare ownership, renting timeshare directly from an owner is a cost-effective way to enjoy premium resort amenities.

Browse the many timeshare-by-owner sites on the internet, or approach a reputable timeshare brokerage if you're interested in buying. It is common knowledge that resale timeshares are much less expensive than timeshare purchased directly from a resort.

Armed with reliable timeshare information, timeshare buyers can find good properties while at the same time avoiding the high prices associated with buying directly from a resort. The timeshare industry is booming, and the high rate of resort development makes for a market vastly favoring the buyer. Put the power of the internet to work for you, and find your ideal timeshare in Mexico.