RINGSIDE - Fine Portland food since WWII

by Louis & Annette Bignami

Want plain, simple and perfect beef? Add James Beard's favorite onion rings to what locals claim is " the best red meat" in town and you have "Portland's Premier Porterhouse Palace." Nothing has changed much here in 53 years of operation that's brought in more than 40 regional awards including both a Top 10 Steak House in America and a Golden Fork Award.

As you might expect from its name, the Ringside grew next to Portland's baseball and boxing venues, and converted to a steak house during W.W.II. At this point the original owners, the Delepine's added their legendary fried chicken, but the mainstay of the house was, is, and will be perfect prime mid-western beef aged 28 days.

The Ringside move to West Burnside, the present location, in the early 1950's when the second-generation owners, the Petersons, added their famous Walla Walla onion rings to the menu. Note: don't give up on the restaurant's exterior. The interior's much nicer with a stone fireplace, dark wood paneling and big leather chairs around generous-sized tables. You get the impression that everything has been there almost as long as some of the waiters.

Add solid service, a decent bar and wine list and you have a spot where you won't find mesquite broilers, open kitchens, or food that looks better than it tastes. You will find meat exactly done each and every time.

In the 1960's Friday night's fresh halibut evolved into simple "fresh from the boat" seafood menu. We're told the fish is delicious, but have never been able to pass up the steaks or prime rib. So if your fancy turns to plain meat there's no better dinner house for carnivores on the West Coast!

2165 West Burnside/503.223.1513