Hot Air Ballooning - legal high on several continents by Louis Bignami

La Jolla's Pink Pearl  rose colored La Valencia Hotel by Annette Bignami

Northern California Lighthouses A look at Lighthouses by Annette Bignami

Limo and the Wine Country - Part I of 2 by Annette Lucido

Sonoma Valley Part II   Part 2 by Annette Lucido      

Ferndale Out of the Way Exceptional  Ferndale combines kooky and country by Louis Bignami

Hollywood, LA & the Scenic Downtown Burbank Four studios to tour, a fleet of bus or van rides past star’s homes, and other oddments like star’s hand and foot prints, names and stars in the street testify to the LA Basin’s importance in the movie business by Louis Bignami

Sierra City: America's Smallest City?? For a spot that’s less than an hour from Lake Tahoe or Reno it doesn’t get nearly as much action as it should by Annette Lucido

San Diego Theater, Music & Night Life Theater and music can treat your ears, and rest your feet, after a long Balboa Park Day by Annette Lucido

For a Whale of a Weekend on the California Coast Boating and other methods to check out West Coast whales on their migration routes by Louis Bignami

Real Rides Horsepacking Trips offer interesting summer options by Louis Bignami 

Clear Lake: California Part I of 2 by Annette Bignami

Clear Lake: California Part 2 by Annette Bignami

Golf, Shop or Bop around Clint's Home Town Carmel is, or has been the home of celebrities for many years by Annette Bignami

San Francisco East: Downtown A walker's look at America's favorite city by Louis Bignami

San Francisco West: the Park Plus Museums, Parks and real neighborhoods by Louis Bignami

The Legion's Back San Francisco's favorite museum is back better than ever by Louis Bignami

Skydives  A weekend of absolute adventure by Louis Bignami 

Pacific Grove After Chautauqua Pacific Grove has retained it's sense of place and past by Annette Bignami

Heavenly Skiing, Heavenly Prices Gamblers subsidize your food and non-skiing entertainment costs at Heavenly Valley, on the Nevada-California border near Tahoe by Jack Johanssen

Monterey's Terrific Aquarium It's huge! Sea otters, octopi, a shore-bird aviary ... the Monterey Bay People exhibit ... and more by Annette Lucido

Nevada City The Queen of the Northern Mines, Nevada City, California by Dennis Patrick

No Hassle California Houseboating Where to go, and when, to avoid crowds and make a houseboating trip into an adventure by Annette Bignami

Presidential Yachting on the U.S.S. Potomac, FDR to Elvis The presidential yacht from 1936 to 1944 by P. Gates

San Diego's Balboa Park The San Diego Zoo, concerts, exhibits and food. The Space Theater and Science Center alone could fill several very busy days by Richard Cleek

Tahoe with Twain An award-winning glimpse of Tahoe and vicinity. Mark Twain's ghost would liven up any tour by Louis Bignami

Wild Wheels Renting exotic automobiles for Southern California drives by Louis Bignami

Yosemite's First Class Off Season Visit in the fall or spring for uncrowded pleasures by Louis Bignami

The Del Coronado A classic hotel by Louis Bignami

You Too Can Canoe  Canoes put you on the water for less money by Louis Bignami

A Visit With A Queen  The R.M.S.(Royal Mail Ship) Queen Mary by Annette Bignami

Lake Havasu  Wonderful fishing, nifty houseboats, quality camping by Louis Bignami

Palm Springs Posh Pleasures Someone once called Palm Springs,  “Los Angeles’ sandy back yard.” by Louis Bignami