Larry Larsen: Caribbean Travel and Bass Editor

Larry Larsen with a fine trophy largemouth bass.

Larry Larsen has written about bass fishing for 30 years, he's caught over 250 bass between five and 12 pounds on lures and has sold 1,400 articles and 6,000 photographs to most US outdoor publications. He's the author the Bass Series,a complete set of books that covers techniques, and he has written three guidebooks to Florida Bass waters. He has also written the definitive book on peacock bass fishing, an area of special expertise where he's held eight world records.

Larry Larsen travels often to Latin America and the Caribbean so is well-qualified to be the Caribbean Travel Editor for both Fine Fishing and our sister publication, Fine Travel. His extensive experience in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Cuba and Central and South America is reflected in his many fishing records, which include the world record all-tackle payara set on a recent trip to Venezuela. His company, Larsen Outdoor Publishing, offers an Inshore Library,Outdoor Travel Series, Outdoor Adventure Library and both Deer and Turkey Hunting Libraries.

Larry Larsen,four-time world record holder, has written over 1500 articles, 20 books and is recognized as one of the foremost bass experts in the world. Larsen's Outdoor Publishing also publishes fine books byFrank Sargeant, John Phillips, M. Timothy O'Keefe and Homer Circle.

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Diving to Adventure - by M. Timothy O'Keefe                           
Detailed tips on how to have the most fun
diving & snorkeling, no matter where you go..
Manatees - by M. Timothy O'Keefe
Among America's most endangered mammals,
they were the basis for ancient tales of mermaids.
Sea Turtles - by M. Timothy O'Keefe
Watcher's guide for Florida's Sea Turtles. Covers
turtle life and conduct for people watching turtles nest.
Fish & Dive the Caribbean
- by Larry Larsen and M. Timothy O'Keefe
Required reading for fishing and diving enthusiasts
who want to know the best times, the best areas and the
most cost-effective means to enjoy the islands.


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